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Hundreds of the world's leading companies rely on Ease’s software to improve their process performance. View More >

Ease allows you to increase performance and lower your cost of quality to meet the demands of today's connected world.  

Ease is an innovator of quality and process audit software for automotive and aerospace suppliers. Leveraging years of experience and the latest cloud technology, we enhance the effectiveness of process and other quality assessments while reducing administrative burdens. 

Even in the face of increasing customer requirements, our customers report dramatic reductions in customer complaints, scrap, rework and warranty claims. 

Find out how top suppliers have put an end to "paper-based" quality and achieved unprecedented levels of organizational quality and consistency. 


Gartner says we’re cool. Here’s why…

More than 70% of data collected in the production environment is never put to good use. Beacon lets you capitalize on the data you’ve already collected.

Our easy-to-use software delivers a flexible approach to layered process audits, safety inspections, and performance monitoring and reporting. Beacon provides real-time insight and dashboards to improve product quality, consistency, and compliance while reducing administrative time by up to 85%.

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"Defects and errors are more expensive and more likely than ever,  but many manufacturers and service providers still underestimate their true cost of quality, which goes well  beyond scrap, rework, and warranty claims. Learn how to fully measure your cost of quality."



The Compelling and Immediate ROI of Layered Process Audits

The benefits of improving quality include a stronger brand, reduced risk, and better margins from lower costs, top-line revenue growth, and improved pricing power. Many organizations fail to fully utilize a powerful methodology for achieving the highest levels of quality: Layered Process Audits (LPA).

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Auditing the Process: Prevent costly scrap, rework, and customer complaints while fostering a sustainable culture of quality

The underlying cause of most quality problems in manufacturing and service organizations is a lack of process standardization, or a failure to follow existing standards.

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Cummins: Better products. Faster launches.

Learn how Cummins uses Ease software to reduce defects, increase flexibility and reduce product launch times across multiple plants and product lines.

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