Layered Process Audit

Layered Process Audit software that gives you real value from your LPA system

Explore Beacon, the leading LPA solution, designed for mobile, and built on a robust audit platform.


What are Layered Process Audits?

Layered Process Auditing exposes errors when and where they happen. It's a key part of the Automotive Industry Action Group's CQI-8 guidelines, General Motor's quality system basics (QSB) and built in quality supply (BIQS) initiatives, and other GMP audit approaches.  Industries from aerospace to pharmaceuticals are adopting these layered audits as well because earlier detection and correction significantly lowers rework and scrap costs, minimizes warranty holdbacks, and reduces customer complaints and callbacks.


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Your process quality is only as good as your data and its visibility

Beacon helps ensure all are high-quality.

Improve audit integrity

Question randomization, and randomized auditor assignments are just two of the dynamic checks Beacon provides to reduce pencil-whipping and eliminate the temptation to "self-pass" or "buddy pass" minor issues that can become much bigger issues later

Use pictures to support visual standards

Display pictures within audits to visually show "good" from "not good enough", and capture photos from smartphones and tablets as evidence that standards are being met

Time-stamped audits

Each audit is time and date stamped, giving you a record of when each audit is completed, and how long it took to complete, information that helps validate that assessments are being conducted properly

Robust reporting

Compare current and historical results, build custom reports, and easily fulfill requests for information from management and customers or other stakeholders


The ROI of Layered Process Audits Whitepaper

Learn about the compelling ROI case for LPAs




Auditing the Process Whitepaper

Improve quality and compliance while reducing cost of administration and failures



Close the loop on quality, compliance and other continuous improvement activities

Capture all your activities and view results in real-time to identify areas of concern and assign, track, and validate mitigation or improvement activities.


Eliminate blind spots and instantly turn data into information

Unlike paper, Excel, and other traditional systems Beacon captures all your information and makes it immediately available, preventing gaps and delays.

Monitor CAPA and improvement activities

Allow for instant mitigation or assign and track corrective, preventative, and improvement activities.

Real time insights

From Pareto charts to trendlines, configurable dashboards support rolling up data or drilling down to see current activities, relative performance, and to help identify systemic issues - and their causes.

Reduce administrative overhead by up to 85%

Beacon is designed to automate the most time-consuming tasks your audit, inspection, and compliance programs.

Automated audit reminders

Beacons sends reminder emails to auditors according to the schedule.

Intuitive, automated audit scheduling

Quickly view and assign ad hoc or recurring assessment activities to your entire site, areas, teams, or auditors.

Corrective action followup

Automatically assign corrective actions and issue follow ups and alerts.


Designed to provide tremendous value, right away

Accessible From Anywhere

Web-based, zero-deployment design means painless implementation, with no installation or support headaches.

Handle All Types of Assessments

Don't silo your LPA, 5S, Safety, and similar data in different systems. Handles all of these and more through Beacon.

Responsive, Intuitive User Interface

With shared question pools and libraries, powerful scheduling, and easy reporting, Beacon virtually eliminates administrative overhead.

Near-Zero Administration

Ease leverages an extensible API, and integrates with whatever software solutions you may be using today.

Actionable Intelligence

Configurable real-time dashboards with drill-down charts, and automated notifications and alerts allows you to focus on really moving the needle.

Quick and Easy Integration

Leverage Beacon's API and integration hubs to quickly and easily connect to scheduling, ERP, CRM, QMS, or other systems.