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“To be the best and match the best, you have to have the best tools and techniques at your hands.”

Scott Ward

Aston Martin, Trim & Assembly General Manager

Automotive Case Study

A success of one pilot program in one plant lead to a company-wide rollout of Beacon to support their layered process audits. 

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Aerospace Case Study

Learn how a leading global aerospace supplier achieved higher quality at lower cost and in less time with Ease.

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Optimized Process Audits Whitepaper

Manufacturers are under pressure to keep ahead of the increasing challenge to meet demands for better and faster products at reduced cost. In order to improve the manufacturing process and increase profitability, many manufacturers have implemented a Layered Process Audit (LPA) program.

LPA is a practice that involves the entire organization in the quality control process rather than isolating it to a single department. LPA is gaining popularity in many manufacturing organizations because of its ease of implementation and use, and the fact that it brings management and shop floor employees together to verify that processes are being done right the first time.

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LNS Research & Ease Whitepaper: Customer Quality Management

The relationship between suppliers and customers is quickly transforming due to multiple macroeconomic and industry trends. Globalization of both the supply chain and demand chain, growing product complexity, increasing industry and customer-driven quality expectations, and closer engagement of suppliers throughout a product's lifecycle are just a few of these that are driving industry changes today.

Companies have responded to these changes by deploying Supplier Quality Management (SQM) systems. SQM systems are meant to provide a company with uniform quality management across its supply base. The benefits of a mature SQM system include effective quality and supplier governance, data ownership and visibility, and reduced risk. 

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LNS Research Webinar: Customer Quality Requirements: How to Realize Internal Value While Minimizing the Cost of Compliance

Today’s supplier must balance price, delivery, quality, and compliance requirements from customers alongside internal revenue and profitability targets.

In this webinar, Dan Jacob, Lead Quality Analyst at LNS Research, and Mark Whitworth, COO at Ease Inc, will share new research focused on successful supply-side strategies that maximize value from quality compliance and reduce its cost.

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The Compelling and Immediate ROI of Layered Process Audits Whitepaper

Most organizations either fail to utilize or underutilize a powerful methodology for achieving higher levels of quality: Layered Process Audits (LPA). LPA is an effective and easily sustainable practice that offers a significantly higher return on invested capital, human resources, and management attention.

This whitepaper will help you understand the true and immediate return on investment a layered process audit program can bring.

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Measuring Cost of Quality

"Today’s manufacturers face a wide array of challenges, including quality control and compliance in the face of demand for increasing speed and variability. Meeting these challenges requires operational excellence, but many organizations fall far short of their full potential because they fail to measure cost of quality correctly. Learn how to correctly define and measure your cost of quality in this whitepaper."

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Ease Beacon Datasheet

Learn about Ease Beacon.

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Ease Overview Brochure

Download an overview of Ease.

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Aston Martin Case Study Video

Learn how Aston Martin uses Ease software to improve quality and increase throughput, including interviews with Leon Hand, Manufacturing Manager, and Scott Ward, Trim & Assembly General Manager.

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Cummins Case Study

Learn how Cummins, Inc., the global engine manufacturer, uses Ease software to reduce defects, increase flexibility and shorten product launch times across multiple plants and product lines.

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Aston Martin Case Study

Aston Martin turned to Ease to align quality, safety and manufacturing systems with an integrated production management solution—reducing costs, increasing output, and strengthening the brand.

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Auditing the Process Whitepaper

The underlying cause of most quality problems in high-complexity manufacturing and service organizations is a lack of process standardization, or a failure to follow existing standards. The key to improvement is to develop better processes and leverage systems that ensure those processes are followed correctly.

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