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Accurate Engineered Labor Standards

Effectively measure labor performance and productivity to forecast and achieve higher performance in your organization. 

Build standards with libraries and reusable templates

Ease comes pre-loaded with a large library of industry based Predetermined Motion Time Study (PMTS) for Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail, Grocery and Office.

Maintain and sync work measurements

Complete product coverage is easy. Once you’ve created a plan, simply copy & edit it for the rest of those products in the same family. Maintenance is also a breeze thanks to our mass updating capabilities.

Conduct what-if analyses of costing and throughput

Your product is still on the drawing board? No problem. Ease Labor Standards software enables you to create work standards, best practices and routings for pre-production products.

Analyze value added, non-value added, and walk time data

Ease Engineered Labor Standards breaks down and assigns your build process into time measurement units (TMU) giving your team the ability to value the various stages of your plans. Understand your process fail points and modify them for efficiency.

Produce highly accurate PMTS-based engineered labor standards

Ease Labor Standards measures fundamental human activities to reach, grasp, move, regrasp, release, assemble and insert objects measured in time measurement units (TMU) to 0.00001 hour accuracy.

Key features

PMTS-based Engineered Labor Standards

Use time table data in MTM-2 to build standards.

Complete History Sign-off

Ease maintains revision control of every document for a clear understanding of history sign-offs.

Line Balancing Module

Review and make changes to line balance to achieve required throughput in real time using the Line Balancing Module.

Value-Added / Non-Value Added Charting

Ease Labor Standards calculates and charts the value-added and non-value-added percentages of each operation and standard to quickly identify improvement opportunities.

Scalable Integration

Ease Labor Standards are scalable – you can have a single user or hundreds of users across multiple sites, and Ease integrates with PLM, MES, WMS, and ERP systems.

Where Used and Mass Update

Using the many user-defined fields available, it is simple to find any data and update it as required, either individually or as a mass update.

Process Planning Tool

Use to build long-cycle standards and unique tasks.

Standards Generator

Easily create standards with rapid authoring of short cycle and repetitive tasks.