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Layered Quality Software allows you to deliver better, faster, cheaper in an increasingly connected world.

Introducing Beacon: Layered process audit web-app designed to meet today’s quality and compliance challenges.

Beacon is a powerful, yet easy to use, audit and inspection management platform which helps manufacturers and service providers slash administrative overhead and provides immediate insight to help "close the loop" and achieve operational excellence.

For quality and compliance, proactive is better than the alternative

Catch mistakes when they happen. Correct them in real-time. Prevent them from happening again.


Visual scheduler

Powerful scheduler ensures complete coverage and reduces administrative time by up to 85%.


Mobile support

Assessments can be conducted on almost any device, and data captured offline will sync when connectivity is restored.


Monitor activities

Assign and track corrective actions, preventative actions, and other improvement activities.

Free metrics from their paper prison

Gain actionable insights with comprehensive, real-time results and personalized dashboards, whether the activities are internal audits, supplier audits, or even customer satisfaction surveys.

audit reporting dashboard

Powerful dashboards with drill-down reporting

See results at a glance, or drill down into dashboards for additional information.

Enjoy complete, high-quality data

Easy to use mobile interface and data integrity safeguards ensure the consistent collection of timely, accurate, and complete data.

Share reports throughout your organization

Promote collaboration and transparency by sharing reports across the organization, with fine-grained controls and permissions.

Rapid time-to-value

Deploy enterprise-wide in days - without any costly infrastructure

Web-based, zero-deployment footprint

As a cloud platform, Beacon allows you to launch quickly and eliminates the implementation risk associated with de-centrailized, deployed systems.

User-friendly interface

The modern, intuitive interface requires much less training and drives faster, more sustainable adoption.

Designed for scale

Ease Beacon scales with the largest and most complex organizations


Audit management schedule

Achieve a Culture of Excellence

Equip your teams with the platform they need to become high performers without really even trying.

Total Alignment

Easily involve multiple layers of the organization to demonstrate commitment to organizational excellence and gain intelligence to reward the performers while also attending to problem areas

Fast or slow, your call

Beacon's printable forms allow you to enjoy all its other benefits even in areas with unique challenges, and its data loading capabilities ensure you can still easily get it all into the system

Show and Tell

Visual standards help eliminate mistakes and ensure that everyone clearly understands "good" from "not good enough"

Achieve Built in Quality

Demonstrate quality is an integral part of production and servicing - not a follow on