Ease Work Instruction Software

Fast, accurate visual work instructions delivered instantly throughout your organization.

Ease Work Instruction Software removes the headache from all types of production and servicing documentation.

Ease Work Instructions gives technicians, manufacturing and quality engineers the ability to quickly create manufacturing and service plans for any product or process and deliver them instantly to other users via computers or mobile devices.  Authored documents are revision controlled and have a complete history. With Ease’s integrated change control functionality, documents can be streamlined for approval within the system, eliminating multi-chain emails and paper sign-off.

Ease Work Instructions cuts through confusion and gives your team clear time-stamped revisions of the most current instructions. Users immediately understand the task at hand, lowering associated costs for rework, scrap and warranty issues.  With Ease Work Instructions, users spend more time doing their job and less time looking for CAD drawings and paper instructions. Learning curves and mistakes are reduced and production metric is readily available for instant analysis.

Ease also supports sophisticated data collection techniques and audit stations. Data collected on the shop floor or in the field can be analyzed in real time via dashboards as well as sent to an as-built genealogy report for complete transparency. Review reports and metrics in real-time, analyze them with your team, or send an update to your customers.

Ease is a cutting edge hybrid shop floor system for complicated manufacturers with low to no automation. With Ease Work Instructions, information flows effortlessly from design through manufacturing and beyond. Engineering and operations work in harmony. Standard roadblocks that lead to quality issues and lower profits are eliminated.  Ease does not just make complicated easy, it makes it exciting.

REAL 2015 Presentations - Manufacturing Technologies with Jacob Hockett

From drones to autonomous cars, industrial robots to major engineering works and work instruction software, 3D sensors are suddenly everywhere. While the ‘Internet of Things’ grabs headlines, a 3D revolution is quietly building.

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Cummins Inc.

Learn how the global engine manufacturer used Ease’s electronic work instructions, integrated process checks, and front-line process audits to improve quality and reduce product launch times at sites around the world.

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Lower Your Cost of Quality

Significantly reduce rework, scrap and warranty claims with Ease’s ‘right first time’ software.

Shorten Documentation Authoring Time

Ease takes the hassle out of authoring complicated instructions in multiple locations by utilizing a shared directory of process where you maintain and update global documents in one place.

Developed for Discrete and Complicated Manufacturers

Visual work instructions integrated with CAD tools layout high variation designs with clear sequence for easy legibility.

Capture and Retain Tribal Knowledge

Retain information from your most skilled workers with shared visual work instructions. Avoid the gap in knowledge often associated with turnovers.

Reduce IT and Engineering Costs – Wrangle In Desperate Systems

Multiple shop floor systems can require manual maintenance of 4-6 engineers. Ease document control software is a hybrid and cross functional system that requires only .5 engineer to maintain.

Gain Insight into Manufacturing Process

Understand and improve through sophisticated in-process data collection, a dashboard of real-time shop floor metrics and statistical process analysis designed to track your key performance metrics.

ISO and AS9100 Compliance

Stay compliant to ISO and AS9100 standards through full document control, as built reports and full traceability.

Reduce Onboarding for New and Temporary Workers

Serve training documents electronically and monitor the progress of new learners.  Track training and train on the fly with Ease’s Operator Skills Matrix.

Key Features

Document Management and Authoring

  • Shared process repository
  • Location based documents
  • Complete Version Control with full history
  • Template based doc authoring with no formatting
  • Automated PFMEA (Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis)
  • Integrated change control
  • 3D CAD capable

Tool Calibration and Maintenance Tracking

  • Where used reports
  • Calibration reports and notices
  • Maintenance reports and notices
  • Associated drawing and manuals available through a web based viewer

Training and Workforce Management

  • Operator skills matrix
  • Training doc delivery, e-sign off and logging
  • Certification tracking and testing

Shop Floor Management

  • Step based instructions
  • Multi-device shop floor viewer
  • ERP and PLM Integration
  • Paperless Shop Floor – Electronic Router, Traveler and Docs
  • Social – direct connection between engineering and operators
  • Dashboard of metrics
  • Time in and time out
  • Complete traceability and as built reports
  • Part tracking

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