Ease Electronic Work Instruction Software

Fast, accurate electronic work instructions delivered instantly throughout your organization.

Ease Electronic Work Instructions remove the headache from all types of production and servicing documentation.

Ease Electronic Work Instructions gives manufacturing and process engineers the ability to create manufacturing and service plans for any product or process and deliver them instantly to operators or other users via computers or mobile devices.

Electronic Work Instructions greatly improve your efficiency – operators spend more time doing the job they are trained to do, and less time looking for documents, waiting for instructions, or correcting mistakes created due to document version control problems. Learning curves and mistakes are reduced and usage is readily available for instant analysis.

The Ease platform supports nearly any type of process document, whether you use work instructions, process documentation, computer-aided process planning, standard operating procedures, job instructions, or method sheets.

Information from virtually any source can be inserted, including routings, CAD drawings, video, graphics, work standards, ergonomic assessment and analysis, tooling, job aids required, material and parts lists, MSDS forms, HACCP’s, control plans and FMEA’s.

Aston Martin

Learn how the famed automaker used Ease to align quality, safety manufacturing systems with integrated production management solution—reducing costs, increasing output and strengthening their brand.

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Cummins Inc.

Learn how the global engine manufacturer used Ease’s electronic work instructions, integrated process checks, and front-line process audits to improve quality and reduce product launch times at sites around the world.

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Reduced Planning Time

Manufacturing engineers can generate work instructions faster and with greater accuracy, ready for immediate distribution throughout the shop floor.

Improved Data Collection

Ease Electronic Work Instructions support in-process checks and audits. Users can confirm, acknowledge, measure, record, and pass/fail process steps. Data collection is launched directly from the platform, and the operator is alerted when entered data is outside specified limits or where supervisor sign off is required.

Accessible Anywhere

Easily distribute and present documents quickly to anyone, anywhere – whether in your building or on the other side of the globe.

Improved Quality

Shop floor operators always see the latest work instructions, with easy to understand graphics and images, text, and other reference documents including quality standards.

Shared Reference Documents

Work instructions are managed in the Shared Reference Document Library, which allows for full visibility into your indexed document inventory, and allows you to maintain control of every revision. Historical integrity is maintained for each document, giving users clear access to past changes.

Support for Lean Manufacturing

Ease Electronic Work Instructions neatly combine the many aspects of standardized work into one accessible area, including cycle times, production sequences, methods, operator procedures, work instructions, quality control checks, safety issues, material plans, optional WIP, and layout.

Rapid Response

With Electronic Work Instructions, users can react quickly to engineering or other changes. If a MCR is approved, engineers can easily update and distribute new work instructions.

Reduced Scrap

Work Instructions created using computer aided techniques increase the productivity of the manufacturing engineering department and allow even more time for improving the manufacturing process and overall quality.

Key Features

Revision History

Track revision history of all documents with built-in flexibility to restore archived revisions.

Microsoft Office Integration

Leverage built-in reference document templates using Microsoft Word, Excel or Powerpoint.

Global Document Management

Create a central library for production and servicing plans with routings, CAD drawings, video, graphics, work standards, ergonomic assessment and analysis, tooling, job aids required, material and parts lists, MSDS forms, HACCP’s, control plans and FMEA’s.

Release Control

Multi-tier designed release control of revised documents.

Web Enabled

Electronic Work Instructions can be accessed by virtually any computer or mobile device.

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