Tool Management Software

Tool Management Software is a manufacturing must have.  Tools are core to your manufacturing operations. Every process, every machine, and every operator depends on functional tools to get the job done. EASEworks Tool Management Software enables anyone across the enterprise to discover such information as “Where are specific tools currently?” or “Where do I locate a specific replacement tool?” or “What tools require calibration and maintenance now?”

Tool Management Software is a complex endeavor that can greatly impact manufacturing efficiency and quality. Unfortunately, most organizations do not share tool-related information across departments or operational areas. As a result, operators and engineering personnel spend valuable time searching for up-to-date information and locating critical tool data. Using a database driven approach to managing tool information, EASEworks Tool Management software controls and indexes all tool information to simplify the process of sharing tool information and delivering it to the right person at the right time – regardless of tool type.


Control any Tool Type
EASEworks Tool Management Software manages any tool type – cutting tools, dies, fixtures, power tools, gauges, accessories, etc.

Manage Unlimited Tool Types
You can define the types of tools you want to index and control based on your organizational needs.

Increase Operator Efficiency
Reduce “look times” for critical data by controlling and indexing all tool information.

Work Instructions & MDM Integration
Because EASEworks is an integrated solution, your Tool Management information is available immediately to operators when and where they need it and integrated into key Manufacturing documentation across the organization.


Comprehensive Tool Detail

Each and every tool managed by EASEworks features an intuitive Tool Detail that indicates where a tool is currently being used and all processes that use that particular tool. The Tool Detail also retains the history and change control for each tool to ensure that only “released” tools are used in work instructions.

Advanced Search & Find

Quickly and easily locate tool information. Advanced search options and configurable filters allow any EASEworks user to find tools by group, type or any user defined field.

Revision Controlled Documentation

Always access the latest data. Because each tool can reference multiple documents and CAD files, all tool-related documents are revision controlled via the EASEworks MDM module and logged in the tooling database for quick reference and access.

Automated Calibration Monitoring

If tool calibration is required, EASEworks Tool Management will drive the scheduling through automated email notifications. As well, EASEworks maintains a calibration history for each tool including settings and readings.

Supplier Information & Specifications

EASEworks Tool Management software can maintain supplier and specification information for each tool. Each tool can hold information for multiple suppliers.

Online Viewing & Drill-Down

Using the EASEworks MDM Viewer, any authorized user can see tools by location and drill down for further information.

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