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For retailers a key controllable cost is labor. By using Retail Engineered Labor Standards to support your WFMS, profiler or corporate spreadsheets you will be able to optimize your stores labor.

The Benefits of RetailEASE and Retail Engineered Labor Standards

Retail Engineered Labor Standards Supports your Workforce Management System

RetailEASE Retail Engineered Labor Standards  provide engineered labor standards and can be directly integrated into your Workforce Management System, Store Profiler or Corporate Spreadsheets.

Optimize your Industrial Engineers

RetailEASE Retail Engineered Labor Standards system  ensures that a company’s industrial engineering resources are well utilized. By using predetermined time systems and libraries of optimized labor standards your Industrial Engineers will be far more productive than those still using time study.

Simplified Ongoing Maintenance

As processes change in your stores RetailEASE provides easy maintenance of these standards. Labor standards developed in this system contain all of the method steps and related times for your store activities. The standards for these detailed method steps can be easily modified without having to redo the entire standard.

Optimize Labor

RetailEASE Retail Engineered Labor Standards  provides industrial engineering the resource to optimize a stores labor.

Easy Standards Management

RetailEASE Retail Engineered Labor Standards system is designed to help industrial engineers develop standards quickly and accurately, and maintain these standards continuously with very little effort.

EASEworks Products for Retail

Labor Standards

EASEworks has lean solutions for labor and work standards. How long does it take? How long should it take? How do you improve? Is it a best practice? What-ifs? EASEworks has answers for you. Read more about Labor Standards »

  • Pre-Built Retail Specific Standards
  • Create Standards in Minutes
  • Task Mapping
  • Department Roll Ups
  • Store Profiler(custom)
  • Integrates with Kronos and other LMS and WFM(custom)

Consulting Support

The EASE system was developed with the non industrial engineer in mind.  EASE gives your team the ability to develop and manage standards in-house but we also understand that sometime you need a helping hand.  EASE has retail experts ready to help your team develop standards, do customer service surveys,  do sampling and help develop industry best practices.  With EASE you can have it all!

SOP Creation

SOP creation provides Process and Planning engineers with the ability to create plans for any task and process using multimedia, graphics, digital images and text. You can deliver detailed SOP to any authorized user via your intranet or hard copy. GREAT FOR TRAINING – Read more about SOP creation and deployment »



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