EASEworks and Office

By analysing every task or department process, and the volume of work associated with each, Industrial Engineers using EASEworks can quickly create a picture of the optimal staffng levels required for any office environment.

The Benefits of EASEworks and Office


Labor standards developed using EASEworks Office are more accurate than traditional stopwatch time studies. This is the reason that most labor unions worldwide require standards to be developed using these types of engineering systems.

What if? Capabilities

Once standards are developed in EASEworks Offices, changes in processes can be easily updated in the system. This proactive What if? modeling capability can provide accurate information on labor improvements prior to incurring any costs for retraining or new equipment.

Simplified Ongoing Maintenance

As processes change in your facility, EASEworks Office provides easy maintenance of these standards. Labor standards developed in this system contain all of the method steps and related times for your clerical activities. The standards for these detail method steps can be easily modified without having to redo the entire standard.

Rapid Development

Unlike stopwatch time studies that require many observations, building standards in EASEworks Office requires only 1 or 2 observations. This allows for much more rapid development and deployment of your standards. This lowers costs and shortest the time frame required before achieving the benefits from the labor standards. This represents Best Practices.

Easy Standards Management

Labor standards developed in EASEworks Office reside in a relational database. This allows the standards to be easily managed and interfaced with your Scheduling Software System.

EASEworks Products for Office

Labor Standards

EASEworks has lean solutions for labor and work standards. How long does it take? How long should it take? How do you improve? Is it a best practice? What-ifs? EASEworks has answers for you. Read more about Labor Standards »



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