EASEworks and Agribusiness

EASE is the leading provider of Industrial Engineering software to the meat processing industry. EASEworks generated labor standards and best practices are in use at hundreds of plants covering beef, pork, chicken, turkey and ‘case ready’.

EASEworks is also used in frozen food processing, airline catering and restaurants.

The Benefits of EASEworks and Agribusiness

Accuracy and Acceptance

When labor is your major cost, controlling it is a top management requirement. Labor standards developed using EASEworks are more accurate than traditional stopwatch time studies. These standards are verifiable and do not suffer the subjectivity of operate rating. This is the reason that most labor unions worldwide require standards to be developed using these types of engineering systems.

Optimize labor

EASEworks line balancing optimizes your production and packaging lines.


Labor standards engineered in EASE can be created quicker, and maintained easier than other technologies. In addition, EASE allows for what if’s, without having to view an alternate method.


Links your SOPs, work content and videos in one integrated system. EASEworks is ideal for training operators in what the job entails and how best to complete it. EASEworks is of particular benefit in high labor turnover industries.

EASEworks Products for Agribusiness

Labor Standards

EASEworks has lean solutions for labor and work standards. How long does it take? How long should it take? How do you improve? Is it a best practice? What-ifs? EASEworks has answers for you. Read more about Labor Standards »

Line Balancing

In order to maximize throughput, meet the TAKT time and minimize cost, effective line balancing is essential in any environment where the work progresses down an assembly or build line.
An effective line balance is needed for continuous flow manufacturing’s goal of optionally balanced production lines with little waste, the lowest possible cost, and on-time, defect-free production.
EASEworks uses the work standards from the work standards module to create an initial line balance.
EASEworks graphically displays the time the part or product spends at each workstation on the line and provides the capability to dynamically rebalance the line to achieve the smoothest, most efficient result. Read more about Line Balancing »

Work Instructions

Work Instructions provides Manufacturing and Planning engineers with the ability to create plans for any product and process using multimedia, graphics, digital images and text. You can deliver detailed work instructions to any authorized user via your intranet or hard copy. Read more about Work Instructions »

Manufacturing Document Management (MDM)

Imagine….Control, Index, Present. Any manufacturing document regardless of which department owns it. EASEworks document control system is designed to provide manufacturing with the ability to control the process of creating, maintaining and delivering critical information to anyone within the company needing to use or view that information. Read more about Manufacturing Document Management (MDM) »



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