Software Training

EASE provides on-site training to enable a rapid start up and consequent ROI. Working with your team and your data we can ensure quality results with a program tailored to your requirements.

Start Up Assistance Program

Because the software itself is so easy to use, often the critical factor in achieving the benefits becomes the correct approach to the implementation itself. To insure that you get the most from your investment in the software we have developed a comprehensive Start up Assistance Program.

With the Start up Assistance Program an EASE Implementation Specialist will guide your team through the initial set up and construction of your EASE data structure. Your facility will be analyzed to determine the correct data development strategy and the data structure will be customized to address any unique requirements.

Customer feedback indicates that new users benefit significantly from the Start up Assistance Program. The initial learning curve is much steeper and the time to full implementation can be reduced significantly. The entire implementation team benefits from having an on-site expert with them during these critical first days using the system. Simple issues that otherwise might require hours to resolve during the first weeks are resolved in minutes.

Additional consulting support is available, if your project requires ongoing assistance. Our consultants all have an average of 20 plus years Manufacturing Experience. These experts can support your project by working hand in hand with your team. Whether you require some limited support for your team, or you require a complete turnkey solution, we are able to provide the level of assistance that most effectively meets your time constraints.



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