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“If someone came to me and asked, “what’s the best tool to use to achieve the right process,” then I would say “Ease” without any shadow of a doubt.”

Scott Ward, Aston Martin, Trim & Assembly General Manager

“We have less rework now, in terms of when the cars come off. Because we know that the car leaving the station is correct.”

Leon Hand, Aston Martin, Manufacturing Manager

“With the Ease system, the production technicians can make a request of the engineering team to say that they need to have something changed.”

Nick Lines, Aston Martin, Head of Manufacturing


Auditing the Process: Preventing Costly Waste and Fostering a Culture of Quality

The underlying cause of most quality problems in high-complexity manufacturing and service organizations is a lack of process standardization, or a failure to follow existing standards. The key to improvement is to develop better processes and leverage systems that ensure those processes are followed correctly.

A robust LPA program will help your organization address both standardization and variation issues while changing your organization from a detect-and-correct mindset to a proactive quality culture with an emphasis on verification and prevention.

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Measuring Cost of Quality: The Truth behind Your Most Important Operational Metric

More Change, More Risk, More Issues. As competition and innovation accelerate the rate of change, supply chains are extended further, leaving manufacturers faced with the increasing challenge—and risk—of delivering a high-quality product at less cost.

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Case Studies

Ease helped Aston Martin Increase Efficiency and Quality

Aston Martin

Learn how Ease’s suite of products help Aston Martin achieve the standard by reducing waste, improving processed and increasing efficiencies on the manufacturing floor.

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Cummins Inc.

The combination of electronic work instructions, integrated process checks and front-line process audits have lowered error rates while improving quality and product launch times.

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