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Many terms are used in industry to describe the information developed by Manufacturing and Process Engineers to support the factory floor.  These terms include Work Instructions, Process Documentation, Computer Aided Process Planning, Standard Operating Procedures, Job Instructions, and Method Sheets etc.  They typically encompass any information the shop floor supervision and operators might need to complete a task. Information includes Routers, CAD, Video, Graphics, Work Standards, Ergonomic Assessment and Analysis, Tooling, Job Aids Required, Material and Parts Lists, MSDS, HACCP’s, Control Plans and FMEA’s. EASEWorks Work Instructions Software takes the headache out of all types of assembly documentation.

EASEWorks Work Instructions Software module is designed to provide Engineers with the ability to create manufacturing and assembly plans for any product or process. With the extensive capabilities of the Work Instructions module, engineers can define, create, save and deliver detailed Work Instructions to any authorized user either electronically, using the web-enabled viewing capability of the system, or as hard copy.

EASEworks Work Instructions Software improves the efficiency of your factory. Operators will spend more time doing the job they are trained to do, and less time looking for documents, waiting for corrections, or waiting for repair instructions. Learning curves and potential for mistakes are greatly reduced with enhanced work instructions. Work Instruction usage is tracked and is instantly available for reports and analysis.


Reduced Planning Time

Using EASE Work Instructions Software, manufacturing engineers can generate electronic Work Instructions faster and with greater accuracy. These documents are displayed via the web on the shop floor.

The transition to a complete paperless system for operations process management will yield the following immediate benefits:

  • Elimination of clerical work needed to update, distribute and replace documents.
  • Fast deployment of Engineering changes to the shop.
  • Consistent job performance using the correct and latest versions of drawings, instructions, and parts.

Quick response to engineering changes

With EASE Work Instructions Software Manufacturing engineers can rapidly respond to engineering change. Once the MCR is approved, you can easily update and publish your work instructions.

Reduced scrap

Work Instructions created using computer aided techniques increase the productivity of the manufacturing engineering department and allow more time for improving the manufacturing process and quality of the parts produced.

Easily accessible

EASEworks Work Instructions Software is designed to allow documents to be easily presented. By indexing documents by process and/or location they are accessible to all. “Managers spend 2hrs a day searching for information and >50% has no value” Accenture 2007.

Shared Reference Documents

Reusable instructions are managed in the Shared Reference Document library. For each document a list of which process use it is available. Historical integrity is maintained for each document, and they have their own revision control.

ISO 9001:2000 compliance

EASE’s Work Instructions Software provides control and dissemination of any type of manufacturing document.

  • EASE supports
  • ISO 9001:2000 Section
  • 4.2.3 Control of Documents
  • 4.2.4 Control of Records

in plain English….
‘You need a documented procedure to control quality documents in your company. Everyone must have access to up-to-date documents and be aware of how to use them’

Improved quality

Shop floor operators can see the latest Work Instructions, with effective and easy to understand graphics, digital images, text and quality standards using a web browser. EASEworks Work Instructions Software allows your work instructions to be indexed by step, so an operator can rapidly access data pertinent to the task at hand.

Support for lean manufacturing

EASEworks Work Instructions Software neatly combines the many aspects of standardized work into one accessible area. This includes cycle times, production sequences, methods, operator procedures, work instructions, quality control checks, safety issues, material plans, optional WIP and layout.

Reference: http://www.lean.org/workshops/WorkshopDescription.cfm?WorkshopId=20

Shop Floor Data Collection

ViewEASE is a feature of EASEWorks Work Instructions Software and  supports operator In Process Checks and Audits. Operators can confirm, acknowledge, measure, record, and pass/fail. Data collection is launched directly from the work instructions. The operator is alerted when entered data is outside specified control limits and supervisor sign off is required.


Web Enabled

Work Instructions Software

Web Enabled Work Instructions Software

ViewEASE is a web based document viewer seamlessly integrated with the Work Instructions module. ViewEASE allows the user to view documentation from any other EASEworks module on demand via Internet Explorer.


Manufacturing material/parts list

Work Instrcutions Software

A material or parts list can be directly entered into EASEworks or the list imported from a Bill of Material file and be allocated to each operation. Existing parts lists in the work instruction can be compared to the BOM and updated.


Integrated multimedia

Work Instrcutions Software

Video, graphics, digital photographs and scanned images can be used for work instruction along with Word, Excel and PowerPoint.


Alternate routings

If more than one routing or manufacturing method can be employed to make a part, EASEworks Work Instructions Software provides the ability to create alternate routers. Additionally, alternate operations can be created and individual operations can be toggled on or off as needed.



Tooling requirements for each operation can be listed


Release control


When the work instruction is initially created EASEworks Work Instructions Software defaults the document as incomplete. When activated, the release control functionality mandates that at least one authorized person from all involved departments approve the work instruction prior to releasing it. Work instructions can also go through Manufacturing Change control. All effected documents are automatically ‘revved up’ on Operation or Document Release.


Revision history

EASEworks Work Instructions Software stores with the database all previous revisions of work instructions. These revisions are organized by revision number and date. They can be retrieved, viewed, printed, and copied in exactly the same way as current revisions. There is also a ‘Restore to Active’ capability.

Database storage

EASEworks Work Instructions Software stores files to your Oracle or SQL Server database for complete control of these important documents.

User configuration

EASEworks Work Instructions Software can be highly customized to meet your needs with the built in configuration capability.


EASEworks is a highly scalable system used by a single user or by hundreds of users at multiple sites. Integration with MRP, ERP and other business systems.


Work Instrcutions Software

EASEworks can be configured to support most languages.


Touch Screen

Work Instrcutions Software

EASEworks online work instructions can optionally support touch screens.


Real Time Work Instructions Software for Quality Based Manufacturing

Industry- High End Appliance Manufacturer Challenge- High proliferation results in need for real time work instructions software solution- Operators use touch screens driven by build schedule Results- Higher quality products and increase in productivity. Read more

Feature List

  • Web-enabled
  • Integrate multimedia - video, graphics, digital images, text
  • Reference documents using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF
  • Release control is multi-tier
  • ISO 9000 compliance
  • Revision history - can be viewed, printed, and restored as Active
  • Tooling lists
  • Materials list - MBOM
  • Built in user configuration - customization
  • Highly scalable - single user or hundreds at multiple sites

System Requirements

  • Database; SQL Server, Oracle or Access
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7


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