Manufacturing Change Request

The manufacturing change request module allows production engineers to maintain control of all aspects of manufacturing change whether originated in Design, the shop floor or from their own solutions and Six Sigma projects.


MCR is an integrated web based change control system software that connects different departments with data and processes under a secure and centralized system. This connectivity vastly improves efficiency through automatic task assignment, routing, scheduling, notification, and escalation of incomplete tasks. It directly interfaces with document control and on line work instructions, allowing both operators and engineers to request change.


MCR is designed to efficiently manage all tasks that the change causes, with particular emphasis on document control and approval. Not only can engineers submit changes, but approvers can review effected documents and procedures prior to their approval. Once the MCR is approved, then any process document, FMEA and Control plan changes are not only scheduled but have to be approved before the MCR can be implemented. Other tasks that may be impacted by the change such as operator training, material handling and maintenance can also be project managed. All stake holders are automatically notified as to the progress.


MCR allows any party to raise a RFC (request for change) via the web, engineers review the request and if accepted, submit it for approval. Once approved stake holders are notified, tasks are assigned. Tasks are tracked as completed, and the MCR is implemented once all tasks are complete and effective dates met.



Integrates with document control change history. The reason for change and description are automatically carried across to all related documents, as well as the MCR.

MCR integrates and streamlines the entire change control procedure for faster turn-around. Change can be ‘project managed’.

Web Based
Web based and email linked. Approvers can access the application from email links. Web based application allows all parties easy access to MCR.

Covers both Temporary, Permanent with effective dates. MCR is automatically released on completion of last task and effective date met. All parties notified.

MCR controls the request, submission, evaluation, approval or rejection, implementation or withdrawal of the project.

Task Oriented
Approved MCRs have task lists with due dates that must be completed before an MCR can be implemented on the shop floor. Tasks could include:

  • Process Document review and change
  • FMEA review and change
  • Control plan review and change
  • Safety review
  • Material Handling changes
  • Maintenance – tooling change

Charts, metrics & reports are on line, and exportable to Excel.

Complete Control
EASEworks MCR offers fast, efficient and complete control of manufacturing change. All changes can be controlled and tracked.

The timeline project chart allows you to see the state of the MCR at a glance.

Automatic emails for approvers, task owners and those who require notification of status and implementation.

Real Time
Real-time status for all manufacturing change control tasks.

Change requests can be submitted on line by staff and operators involved in the manufacturing process for ME evaluation.

Traceability and History

Time Line

Each MCR has it’s own time line project chart. Giving a quick reference to an MCR status or history.

User-defined Templates

Templates based on a given type of change can be set up to drive notify, authorization and task lists.

Tracking & Charting

All requests and statuses are tracked including requests, requests denied, submitted, rejected, withdrawn, pending and implemented. Metrics are online.


All MCR content is verified before submittal.


Authorizer can see operator instructions before implementation.


Export of MCR status data to Excel.


Re-submittal allowed, rejection history available. To close a rejected MCR it must be withdrawn.

Multiple Control

Multiple documents and routings can be effected by the same MCR.

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