Line Balancing Software

Using the Line Balancing Module you can review and make changes to the balance to achieve the required throughput.

Work elements can be moved between workstations; the number of operators at each workstation can be altered; a workstation can be added or deleted. At stations with more than one operator distribution of the work within the station can be analyzed to improve the station balance.

Line Balancing uses the data from one or many plans. Multiple parts can be balanced on the same line. Based on the times, the Line Balancing module retrieves all operations and their associated elements and displays a Yamazumi Chart showing the amount of time each part spends at each workstation



Balancing your line
When a production review indicates a need to modify the balance the editing functions within the Line Balancing module make it easy! You can move work elements via Yamazumi Chart drag & drop, or cut & paste, any associated work instructions, tools and materials will automatically move as well, station manning levels can be increased or decreased, workstations added or removed and allowances modified.

Balance Multiple Parts
Up to 20 parts on the same line.

Engineered Labor Standards
Station work content is based on accurate well engineered labor standards.

What If?
The Line Balancing module lets you evaluate multiple analysis to and predict the impact before implementing changes on the floor. EASE supports your lean manufacturing initiatives.

Export to Simulation
The export function allows the data to be imported into simulation software so you can ‘see’ the line balance running.


Graphical Analysis

Line Balances can be viewed graphically by station against TAKT, Value-Added and Operations.

Linked Data

Moving the work also moves the data for associated Work Instructions, Tools, Materials, Control Plans, Notes and Video. Work can be dragged & dropped on the Yamazumi Charts or cut & paste.

What If Analysis?

Multiple balances can be tried, saved and compared in order to find optimal Line Balance. EASEworks provides you with the tools to create solutions to discover and realize optimal capacity.

Multi Model

Supports multiple models run on the same line.


Each step can have its own video.

Integrated with planning and labor standards modules

Using the EASEworks MDM Viewer, any authorized user can see tools by location and drill down for further information.

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