Engineered Labor Standards

Engineered Labor Standards are a key requirement of lean and process improvement; you can’t manage effectively, if you have no benchmarks.  EASEworks, work measurement software, uses engineered labor standards that are based on the EASE predetermined motion time sytem. These standards are held in process plans, grouped by product family and are  maintainable and reusable.  Profitability and simplicity are the key drivers for EASEworks.  EASEworks Work Measurement Software comes with a library of Universal Standard Data. It’s fast and flexible allowing you to create your own data using the Element Generator feature, or you can use the EASE library of data to refine your work standards. How long does it take? Should it take that long? How do you improve it? Is it a Best Practice? Can it be used in other plants? What if we tried this? EASEworks supports Lean Manufacturing initiatives by graphically illustrating the benefits of establishing Standardized Work and Continuous Improvement.  Equally important – EASEworks makes essential manufacturing knowledge readily available, editable and reusable.  EASEWorks is a must have engineered labor standards software for anyone looking to map a process, refine that process, and know with certainty how long that process should take.


EASE of Use

EASEworks Work Measurement Software is designed from the outset to be easy to learn and use. Hard to learn and difficult to use software is often rejected by users regardless of its technical sophistication. EASEworks does not require expensive, time consuming training. With our computer aided learning tools, proficiency is simple and training only takes 1-2 days.

Work Standards and specifically Engineered Labor Standards are no longer produced solely by industrial engineers. Many companies need standards for lean manufacturing but may not have industrial engineering staff. EASEworks allows you to get the job done.

What If Analysis?

Your product is still on the drawing board? No problem. With EASEworks Engineered Labor Standards Software you can create work standards, best practices and routers for pre-production products.

On-site Training

Training at your site means we train you to apply EASE to YOUR products in YOUR factory in a practical, effective manner that truly reflects YOUR needs. EASE Engineered Labor Standards training is done in only 2 days.

Integration with work instructions

Both engineered labor standards and work instructions use the same process plans. It is easy to add process documents to the routings. Industrial & design engineers have easy access to related data.

Fast Implementation

EASEworks is pre-loaded with a library of industry proven standard data elements. Along with EASE’s powerful database tools this library will ensure that you get the greatest standards coverage in the shortest time.

Site Licensing

The EASEworks Work Measurement Tool is site licensed not seat licensed. You may have any number of seats at one physical address.

Reusable data

Complete product coverage is easily attainable by building product in families. Once you’ve created a plan, simply copy & edit it for the rest of those products in the same “family”. Maintenance is also easy due to extensive mass updating capabilities.


Routings and Process Plans

Engineered Labor Standards Routings

The most important data structure within EASEworks is the process plan. All engineered labor standards are contained within routings, by operation and step.

Intuitive User Interface

Intuitive User Interface

Powerful database management capabilities of EASEworks make the re-use of existing information a time and error saving simple process.

Value-Added/Non-Value Added Charting

Value-Added/Non-Value Added Charting


EASEworks graphically illustrates the value-added and non-value-added percentages of each operation and standard, quickly identifying improvement opportunities.


When you need to calculate time for a machine or process work elements dependent on more than one variable, formula elements can be created.


You create table elements to hold numeric data that needs to be created, or you already have.


EASEworks can be set up to automatically calculate the cost of manufacturing or assembling a part.  EASE uses engineered labor standards to define the cost.

Online Help

Interactive online assistance comes with the system. The tutor mode provides instant access to all features.

Where Used and Mass Update

Using the many available user-defined fields it is simple to find any data and update it as required, either as a mass update or a selected update

User Configuration

The system is highly customizable to meet specific needs giving you the convenience of a standardized package with the flexibility of a custom system.


EASEworks is a highly scalable system – you can have a single user or hundreds of users acrossmultiple sites. EASEworks integrates Engineered Labor Standards with Quality, MES and ERP systems.

Effectively managing engineered labor standards & routings

At a Glance Industry- Hardware manufacturing Challenge- The company had been operating with inefficient and outdated routing. As a result, operating decisions had been sub-optimal. Solution- Ease Inc. Results- Productivity was improved 10% across 3 lines. Read more

Feature List

  • Where Used and Mass Update
  • Process Planning
  • Value Added/Non Value Added charting
  • What If?
  • Standardized Work
  • Costs
  • Comparisons
  • On line help
  • User Configurable
  • Integration

System Requirements

  • Database; SQL Server, Oracle or Access
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7


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