EASEworks intuitive indexing allows easy access to critical information for anyone within the company needing to use or view that data. EASEworks Manufacturing Document Management Software controls documents by asset, process and department. It has built in functionality for FMEA and Control plans, and Layered Process Audits.

By creating a single point of entry and control for your manufacturing information, MDM supports creation by different departments but allows Intranet access to all authorized users. Creating, controlling, indexing and presenting manufacturing planning involves a wide range of documentation that could include:

  • Work Instructions
  • FMEA
  • Job Aids
  • Control Plans
  • Parts List
  • Fixtures
  • MSDS
  • Operator maintenance/TPM
  • Layout
  • Ergonomic Assessment
  • Audits
  • Tooling Lists
  • Equipment sheets
  • Inspection Sheets
  • Setup Sheets

EASE understands that document control is not the ‘end game’ for manufacturing, but rather the presentation of that data to the appropriate user. To that end the EASE Document Control focuses heavily on providing online access through both ‘push’ and ‘pull’ methodologies.


Web access to controlled documents

EASEworks web applications allow authorized users access to released documents.

Reference to other systems, referenced by other systems

Documents controlled by other systems can be referenced (pointed at) by MDM and be available for display. Similarly other systems can reference URL’s in the MDM system to gain access to documents held there

Integrated with Change Control

The MDM module is fully integarted with EASEworks MCR (Manufacturing Change Request) change control module.

Departmental Control

All departments can control their own documents. All authorized users can view them.

Grouping and Indexing

EASEworks allows for groupings of related documents by process and/or asset.

Revision control and history

All documents held within MDM can be ISO 9002 compliant. Each document can have revision levels, change history and complete copies of older releases.


Customer Templates Supported

EASEworks documents are authored using MS Office. Users can create multiple templates to cover their documentation formats, and still maintain ISO compliance using header and footer fields that are updated upon document release.


Multiple File Support

As a default EASEworks uses Microsoft Office for its documents. However the system is designed to cover any file type from CAD files to machine programs. Files that need to be created and maintained with other systems can still be controlled via check in/out procedures.



Access is controlled. All departments can control their own documents.



Draft,complete or pending approval status is monitored and controlled.


Database Storage

Documents are stored by default in either Oracle or SQL Server databases enabling easy control and web access.


EASE of Use

Work Instructions and other related documents are authored in Microsoft Office products.


One Stop Access

All manufacturing documents can be accessed from one system.


Audits and In Process Checks

With online work instructions in place, it is very easy to record and audit the manufacturing process via the same screens. EASEworks allows you to create and process audit and in process checks.



EASEworks Manufacturing Document Management Module integrates the manufacturing activity on the factory floor into the total manufacturing process. By allowing all departments to create and control data, and then display it through one system, EASEworks can link associated documents. Even with data in another system, EASEworks can often reference it. Documents can be: Filed to a database Indexed by part, process or location Browsed by any authorized user Automatically converted to an Adobe Acrobat .(pdf) format Deployed to any authorized user Configured specifically for each client.


FMEA and Control Plans

The module has an integrated Process Flow, FMEA and Control Plan section. Supported functions include: Links the Process Steps to the FMEA to the Control Plan. Each FMEA line item has a corresponding Control Plan line. You cannot edit one without the other. It is a controlled document with revision levels, history and authorization. Includes core team, escalation and reporting.


Layered Process Audits

MDM allows for the creation and conducting of departmental audits. It has a complete LPA system built in.

Operator Skills and Certification

No manufacturing company can afford to skimp on quality.  Quality work can not be done without quality operators.  Typically, the skill level of your operators is held on a Excel file in a desktop computer and is not easily accessible.  With EASE you can now track or certify the skill level of an operator and pull up that information from a shared database on the shop floor via a computer or tablet in seconds.   EASEWorks Operator Skills and Certification is a feature of the EASE Manufacturing Document Management product.

Benefits of Using EASE’s Operator Skills and Certification Software

EASE gives your manufacturing team an easy to use web based tool to find the next best operator so that your manufacturing process flow does not stop.  With EASEWorks you have an automated tool that dramatically cuts down the time it takes to track and certify an operator to a process or machine.

Easily find what operators are certified to a given process, machine or document.

Certify on the fly
Certify operators new a new skill level, process or document on the shop floor in minutes.

Access relevant and real time reports of your operators and their certification levels.

Web Based
Accessed over your plants intranet

Operator Skills


One source of the truth

Industry- Major Motorcycle Manufacturer Challenge- To cover work instructions and job aids for machining and assembly, with machining being the bigger issue. These documents needed to meet ISO 9000 compliance. Solution- Manufacturing Document Management Software Results- Enabled the control and dissemination of all manufacturing documents. Read more

Feature List

  • Web apps for display
  • Multi Department
  • Revision Control
  • ISO 9000 support
  • Invokes MS Office
  • User templates
  • FMEA, Control Plans and Process Flow
  • In Process Checks
  • Layered Process Audits
  • Touch screen

System Requirements

  • Database; SQL Server, Oracle or Access
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7


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