Faster, More Accurate Engineered Labor Standards

Ease labor standards help effectively measure the labor performance and productivity that builds high performance in your organization.

Pre-built and Easy-to-Use = Faster ROI

Many companies need standards for lean manufacturing, retail, or distribution and logistics planning, but they don’t have enough engineers. Ease’s work measurement software solution is designed from the outset to be easy to learn and use so that even non-engineers can create standard work and engineered labor standards.

Quickly Conduct What-If Analyses

Your product is still on the drawing board? No problem. Our software enables you to create work standards, best practices and routings for pre-production products.

Increase Efficiency with Work Instruction Integration

Engineered labor standards and work instructions can use the same process plans. By adding process documents to the routings, Ease gives industrial & design engineers fast and easy access to up-to-date reference information.

Build Plans Quickly with Libraries and Reusable Templates

Ease comes pre-loaded with a large library of industry-proven standard data elements, giving you the greatest standards coverage in the shortest time.

Complete product coverage is easy. Once you’ve created a plan, simply copy & edit it for the rest of those products in the same family. Maintenance is also a breeze thanks to our mass updating capabilities.

Key Features

Routings and Process Plans

The most important data structure within Ease is the process plan. All engineered labor standards are contained within routings, by operation and step.


Formula elements can be created to help calculate time for a machine or process work elements dependent on more than one variable,


Ease uses engineered labor standards to define the cost, greatly simplifying the calculation to identify the cost of manufacturing or assembling a part.

Intuitive User Interface

Powerful database management capabilities make the re-use of existing information quick and easy.

Scalable Integration

Our solution is very scalable – you can have a single user or hundreds of users across multiple sites, and Ease integrates with PLM, MES, WMS, and ERP systems.

Value-Added / Non-Value Added Charting

Ease calculates and charts the value-added and non-value-added percentages of each operation and standard to help quick identify improvement opportunities.

Where Used and Mass Update

Using the many user-defined fields available, it is simple to find any data and update it as required, either individually or as a mass update.

User Configurable

The system is highly customizable to meet your organization’s specific needs, giving you the convenience of a standardized package with the flexibility of a custom system.

Leading Companies Use Ease

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