Case Study: One source of the truth


  • Industry -  Motorcycle Manufacturer
  • Challenge - To cover work instructions and job aids for machining and assembly, with machining being the bigger issue. These documents needed to meet ISO 9000 compliance.
  • Solution - Manufacturing Document Management
  • Results - Enabled the control and dissemination of all documents.

The Challenge

The client is a successful manufacturer of motorcycle’s and is considered a leader in manufacturing. As with many companies, they had manufacturing documents scattered across departments, networks and local PCs. Documents were often buried in vast, unintelligle folder paths, only accessible to those who had placed them there. All updates and revision control (if any) was done manually. The client has both assembly lines and large machining shops which resulted in a vast number of work instruction documents covering MSDS, PPE, Job Aids, process documents, training, and control plans. A number of different departments within the plant wrote these work instructions for the shop floor operators. With all these documents being controlled manually, management was having difficulty keeping everything updated and the operators did not have time to sift through pages of work instructions to find the relevant information. The client needed a way for different departments to author documents for the operators. These documents also needed to be controlled through ISO 9000. It was also a requirement to make sure operators could easily find relevant work instructions. When manufacturing a product, it is essential for the operators to be able to understand exactly how a product is made. The key to doing that is through work instructions that can be viewed quickly and easily by the operators as required. A core design feature of EASEworks is being very operator-friendly, the client saw EASEworks and its software team to be a effective solution to their problem.

The Solution

The client partnered with EASE to create a new module specifically designed to control and present manufacturing documents regardless of which department owns them , and allow read access by any authorized user via their intranet.  With Easeworks MDM the client was able to create a single point of entry and control for their information. Manufacturing Document Management provides a  Browser that can find and display for authorized user any document that can be indexed by either part and/or location that the user has set up in EASEworks . Manufacturing Document Management is designed to be linked to other systems and have custom extensions and screens configured specifically for each client.

The Result

With MDM implemented the client saw a large increase in organization and efficiency, and due to the fact all documents were now visible, to the quality of the document content. Data was now managed online and could easily be updated throughout the factory with the click of a mouse. One of the strengths EASEworks features is the emphasis on being operator-friendly. EASEworks provided clear, concise, relevant, timely online work instructions to assist them in doing quality work. Management also benefited because it had better control and deployment of data to be used by the technicians. Manufacturing engineering had control and ownership of the process documents – which means one source of the truth.




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