Case Study: Complex, Multi Model Line Assembly


Industry – Motorcycle Manufacturer

Challenge – Complex and varied products required a robust line balancing system.

Solution – Implementation of Easeworks Line Balancing Module.

Results – Effective line balancing system across multiple plants and continuing partnership with Ease that has lasted 16 years.

The Challenge

Operating many plants across the United States, the client has complex products which require careful line optimization. The management team acknowledged that in order to optimize their work force, they needed to allocate their labor efficiently through line balancing. Producing various models along the same lines required precise line balancing and using Excel spreadsheets  became far too complex and impractical with so many models being produced. Their goal was to implement a standard line balancing system that could be used by all engineers.

The Solution

After researching the various competitors, the client decided EASE was the right option. The EASEworks system easily combines labor standard routings and line balances. At stations with more than one operator distribution of the work within the station can be analyzed to improve the station balance. The number of operators at each workstation can be altered and workstations can be added or deleted. Work elements can easily be moved (balanced) between work stations making for an intuitive design. The client was also provided with custom software to fulfill their needs.  EASE was able to prorate the times based on the model mixes coming down helping them to achieve the theoretical balance they desired. This data was also forwarded to costing.

The Result

The end result was successful implementation of a line balance system that the client used across their plants and a healthy partnership that has lasted 16 years (and still going).

EASE Modules Used



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