Case Study: Change Control


  • Industry - Engine Manufacturing
  • Challenge - The client needed to find a way to reduce the time needed for change management, improve the visibility of change, and gain effective control of the process.
  • Solution - EASEworks
  • Results - The client was able to effectively manage change through web based change control.

The Challenge

The client is a major international engine manufacturer that is considered to be a leader in their field. Their business is complex and the company has had substantial growth. As the company’s lean initiatives continually generated change, they were challenged as how to manage and control all the tasks that needed to be synchronized. At the time the company managed their change request manually which was inevitably time consuming and sub-optimal. Using the manual method also resulted in difficulty staying in compliance with ISO 9000 regulations. Additionally, management wanted to shift the change approval responsibility to the people involved in daily operations than those who actually owned the process. The current manual system was determined to be an impediment to long term growth. With this in mind the company’s progressive management team identified electronic change control as a vital component to continued improvement.

The Solution

With the need for change identified, the company set out exploring their options for producing this change. The company went through a rigorous vendor selection process before finally selecting EASE as its system of choice. EASE provided the breadth and depth of functionality the company needed. The web-based design enabled simple, convenient and worldwide access for the company’s growing base of end-users.

The Result

With the change control module of EASEworks implemented, the client now had the ability to streamline crucial data management processes, manage compliance, and enable the staff to have essential product information at their fingertips. Management was now able to synchronize the change with different departments making for a much more effective system. For example, the change manager could set a future effective date on change orders, which would allow different departments to train staff before changes became effective. As a result, changes would no longer be hampered from implementation because training had not yet been completed. The client was able to significantly reduce operational costs while improving productivity.

EASE Modules Used



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