Case Study: Automated Audits


  • Industry – Engine Manufacturer
  • Challenge - Manufacturer was required by customers to do layered process audits.
  • Solution - Ease partnered with the client and custom wrote a web based LPA system.
  • Results - The client experienced large savings in time, more audits being done, and management was provided with instant feedback of any non-compliance issues.

The Challenge

A condition of which the client and their customer did business was that the client implemented a layered process audit system.  The client complied and hired a full-time audit admin and set up a manual system using email and excel. The admin, who received hundreds of audits per month, was faced with the time consuming task of manually collating the audits. The results were emailed off to several managers. The management team decided that the company would be better served with a more efficient system and set out to find one.

The Solution

Pleased with quality of software EASE had provided in the past, the client decided once again EASE was the right choice to partner with. EASE built a web-based LPA system customized to the specific needs of the client. The new system drastically reduced time spent working on the LPA system as it was now automated. When an employee submitted their audit, it was automatically collated via the web-based system. The program schedules audits and emails employee’s when their audits are due. Perhaps the most important feature in the instant feedback management gets through the system. However it is not only management that receives the feedback- the results are available for all employees. This promotes awareness and accountability within the workplace, for all employees.

The Result

The implementation of this program gives the company the potential for improvement in productivity and quality of products as well as satisfying the requirements of their customers. With 75% of production errors caused by non-compliance, this benefit is easily seen. An additional benefit is that the system has a self-policing aspect,  the increase in visible accountability encourages employee’s to follow regulations more closely. This focus on process compliance helps the client achieve first time quality and eliminates the shipping of non-conforming products. As a result of their success with EASE, the client has implemented LPA across other plants.


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